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BRAKEBOX / QuickStartGuide

First use of the BRAKEBOX

The BRAKEBOX is designed as a complete standalone system, it only requires a 12v power source and can be fitted and working within a few seconds. The BRAKEBOX is operated from the data display with a 4 button menu interface, which is simple and intuitive. A laptop is not required during testing, although results can be downloaded to a laptop for detailed analysis if required.

To carry out your first brake distance test:

1. Install the BRAKEBOX system in the car, there are more details here. When powered up, the unit will initially be in display mode.

2. Move to the brake test mode using the DOWN button, and select brake test mode using the SET button.

3. Wait for GPS lock to be obtained, indicated by LED 1 either flashing (doppler lock) or continuously on (carrier lock)

4. Press the SET button to arm the BRAKEBOX

5. Accelerate above the required test speed. The unit will fully arm approximately 5mph above the required test speed, indicated by LED 2 coming on.

6. Brake to a stop. The test will commence the instant that the speed meets the set value. During the test, LEDs 3, 4 and 5 come on, and speed is displayed.

7. Once at a complete stop the results will be displayed as a total distance and time. Use the DOWN button to scroll through the results.

8. Depending on the configuration options you will then be prompted to store or print the results

Page last modified on July 21, 2007, at 05:20 PM