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BRAKEBOX / PerformingABrakeTest

Performing a Brake Test

This is the main mode of the BRAKEBOX and is the mode used to measure, store and print braking distances. There are two brake testing modes available: single test or continuous testing. In single test mode, arming the BRAKEBOX causes it to start one test sequence, which ends either when the test is successfully completed, or is aborted. Results are displayed following a successfully completed test. In continuous testing mode, the BRAKEBOX will continuously test, save the results of successful tests, and then automatically re-arm for the next test, until the user manually stops testing. Results of successful tests are not displayed until the user exits continuous testing. The sequence of events for a brake test is described below.

Once “Brake Test” mode is selected, the display will show:

Single Test Press SET to Arm

Use the up and down arrows to select either Single Test or Continuous Tests, and then press the SET button to arm the BRAKEBOX. Note that if continuous testing is chosen when the unit is configured not to save data, then the unit will issue a warning, and if the user chooses to proceed will then enter continuous testing mode, but without saving any results.

Once the SET button is pressed, the BRAKEBOX is "armed" and the brake test is waiting for the trigger to commence braking distance measurement. LED 2 on the display unit will light to indicate the armed status of the unit. If you wish to leave the brake test menu, for instance to change the configuration parameters, then the BRAKEBOX can be de-armed by pressing the MENU button.

If the system is configured to start at a particular speed then LED2 will not light until the target speed is reached, and the display will show:

Accelerate to xxx MPH

The target speed shown is the start speed plus the configurable speed to exceed the start speed by. The BRAKEBOX will only fully arm once the start speed has been exceeded by the configurable start exceed speed, in order to avoid the start of the test being triggered by noise whilst accelerating upwards through the trigger speed.

In the case that the trigger mode is set to pulse, or the vehicle speed is already above the trigger threshold then the display will change to:

  • BRAKEBOX armed**

As soon as the brake test is triggered then the distance measurement will begin. Whilst the brake test is in progress, LEDs 3, 4 and 5 on the display will light to indicate that the test is live, and the display will show time and speed (with appropriate units):

Time: x.xxS Speed: xx.x MPH

The level and accuracy of the GPS reception obtained is continuously monitored by the unit during the test. In the event of inadequate GPS reception, the unit will automatically abort the test, and display a message to alert the user. Pressing any button will clear the message and return the unit to the idle state. In continuous testing mode, the unit will automatically re-arm after a few seconds after alerting the user to loss of lock. The test can also be aborted by the user if required with a long press of the MENU button.

In single test mode, the summary results will be displayed once the end condition for the brake test has been met. Use the down and up arrows to scroll through the results. Depending on the configuration, the user will then get options to store the data to internal memory and/or print the results. Once the test is fully complete, the BRAKEBOX will return to the "idle" state, and will need to be armed again in order to commence another test.

In continuous testing mode, the results will be automatically saved to memory at the end of each test (unless the unit is configured to not save data), and then the unit will re-arm automatically ready for the next test. To finish testing, and to view and/or print the results, press the MENU button when the unit is armed, or make a long press of the MENU button if a test is in progress and you wish to stop testing. The unit will return to the “idle” state once viewing and/or printing of the results is complete.

Figure 2. BRAKEBOX menu structure (excluding configuration)

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