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AX22 / QuickStartGuide

Quick Start Guide

This section very briefly describes how to use the performance meter to do a timed run from 0-60mph. Please note that the power measurements will be inaccurate until the vehicle settings have been set. Also note that this is a very simple example of what the AX22 is capable of and is just intended to get you up and running. You can also follow this guide to test the unit. Please make sure you are performing this in a safe area, preferably a Drag Strip.

  • Attach performance meter to the car.
  • To turn the unit on press the select button. Race Technology will appear briefly before entering the main menu.
  • Press the up or down button until "Acceleration Timing" is displayed.
  • Press the select button.
  • Press the up or down button until "Time Between Speeds" is displayed.
  • With the car stationary, press select. Wait until the display changes to:
Ready to Start
0.00g 0.10g
  • Accelerate past 60mph.
  • Once past 60mph, the display will show the time taken to travel between 0 and 60mph, for example:
0.0 - 60.0mph
6.46s 370ft
  • After pressing select you will then be asked if you wish to store the data, pressing select again will return you to the main menu without storing the data.

Important notes about compact flash

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