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AX22 / Installation

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  1. 1. Installing The unit
    1. 1.1 Mounting
    2. 1.2 Power

1.  Installing The unit

1.1  Mounting

There are two recommended methods of fitting the AX22 into the vehicle:

  • For permanent installation you can use the aluminium brackets which slot down the side of the main unit. These brackets can then be bolted down to a suitably flat, level surface.
  • For temporary installations, you can use the high strength suction cup. The suction mount can be reliably fitted to all slippery surfaces e.g. glass, metal, enamel, plastics. To securely fasten the suction pad, lift the lever and press firmly, then push the lever down. To open, loosen the lever and lift the tongue on the suction pad. When fitting the suction cup it may also be advisable to moisten the rim. Also, ensure that the surface you are attaching to is clean.

Note that the AX22 must be mounted with the buttons facing directly towards the rear of the vehicle NOT angled towards the driver.

Finally, please note that because the AX22 uses a LCD it is more sensitive to extremes of vibration and temperature, so please bear this in mind when locating it.

1.2  Power

The AX22 Unit is supplied with a cigar lighter based power supply. The centre pin connects to +12V and the outer connects to the vehicle ground. This method is convenient if you are temporarily connecting the unit to the vehicle (typically on a road car).

If you want to permanently wire the AX22 Unit directly into the engine wiring loom, rather than using the cigarette lighter socket, then you must use a fused supply with a fuse rating of no more than 1 amp. It is also highly recommended that the unit has it's own external power switch so it can be easily turned off. This is to prevent any draining of the battery, or any damage to the unit when the engine is turned on or when the car is being cranked over. It is recommended that you only turn the unit on once the engine is running. It is possible that leaving the AX22 turned on during cranking may corrupt the data in the logger.

Also please note that in all cases the GPS receiver is powered on whenever there is power to the main unit - it does not turn on and off with the main unit, so if the AX22 is left connected to the battery it will flatten it.

Page last modified on September 28, 2007, at 03:29 PM