Customer Reviews

Not sure if Race Technology's equipment is for you? Why not read what our customers have said about using our equipment in their area of motorsport. 

Hillspeed Racing - Richard Ollerenshaw

"Following the introduction of the Ginetta G40 Junior with its standard fit data logging and display system, Hillspeed have worked closely with the team at Race Technology to learn and develop the system into an invaluable teaching tool for junior drivers. In only two seasons Hillspeed have won 18 races and have taken 4 championship titles in Ginetta Junior racing. Our success is down to a number of significant factors, one of these being our extensive use of the Race Technology equipment and analysis software that allows us to teach the key skills required by the drivers of the future"

- Richard Ollerenshaw, Hillspeed Racing

The Ginetta G40 Junior cars are fitted with DL1 Classic (MK2) data loggers and DASH3 displays.

Jorge Segers

"At WRT we equipped 2 Audi R8 GT3 cars with a VIDEO4 and a DASH3 while feeding engine data to the system through an OBD-II interface. The system was originally put in the cars as a laptiming back-up next to the standard, homologated data system in the car. The system proved to be useful in many more areas, such as pitstop timing through GPS, driver performance analysis with VIDEO4 and the analysis of engine data which was impossible to log on the standard system without adding a lot of expensive sensors.

We worked with professional drivers such as Stéphane Ortelli, Marcel Fassler and Filipe Albuquerque and they all spent a lot of time behind the laptop screen comparing video and GPS data in order to find an edge. The VIDEO4 also proved a lifesaver in discussions with the sporting authorities on some occasions.

WRT had a hugely successful 2011 season, as they won both the drivers and team championships in the Blancpain Endurance Series. The team ended 2nd in the Belgian and French GT Championship and 3rd in the FIA GT3 European Championship. Highlight of the year was a convincing victory as Audi factory team in the Spa 24 Hours.

In 2012 all WRT cars will be equipped with the same system which will be expanded from its 2011 configuration with a DL1 MK3 and more sensors."

- Jorge Segers. Jorge is the author of Analysis Techniques for Racecar Data Acquisition which is available for purchase here

 Simon Tilling - Tilling Motorsport

"At the beginning of the year we set out to build a car that was capable of breaking the GT lap record at Castle Combe that had stood for over 10 years. Working with a Radical Performance engines developed turbocharged 1300cc engine capable of producing 350bhp we integrated the DL1 and DASH2 into the Life engine management system via the RT CAN interface. This allowed us to monitor and log all of the channels from the ECU without the addition of extra sensors or wiring. This configuration proved utterly reliable throughout a long hard season's racing and the results speak for themselves" - Simon Tilling

  • Nine pole positions
  • Seven Wins
  • Eight fastest laps
  • New Lap record
  • Class A Championship winner Outright Championship winner

Malcolm Edeson -

"I've been a driver coach for over 20 years and have used data logging and video in some form for most of that, but only the last 5 years or so with Race Technology products. Initially it was that the products were affordable, portable and equally as good at providing the information I was looking for as the more expensive products. I soon realised that in fact they gave me more, and as Race Technology are extremely customer focused, they have evolved their products to be even better and they are now an integral part of the work I do (training race and trackday drivers). The data and video applications help me to improve a driver's performance at a considerably higher rate as drivers are essentially visual in the way they take things in.

As well as using the products myself, many of my clients have bought their own systems, and 2011 has been an extremely successful year for them with 7 Championships won. These include UK Time Attack Class Champion Jimmy White, MR2 Champion James Cross and Lotus Cup UK Class Champion Vitthal Chauhan. There is no doubt that the Data & Video products from Race-Technology have played a massive part in this and dozens of other race wins and top performances from my drivers.

The Video product from Race Technology is not only a great tool for enhancing driver performance but also for promotional purposes. A Client of mine secured a full season's sponsorship in a major sports car series purely based on a Youtube video that was posted, captured on the Race Technology system."

- Malcolm Edeson

Peter Studer - Fomula Vee racer

"On a limited budget, with the associated restricted racing and almost zero testing, the availability of good, reliable data has become ever more important. The combination of DL1 logger and DASH2 has enabled me to both improve my driving on the circuit, through the predictive lap and programmable shift lights, and make quick and accurate set-up decisions from analysing the data on my laptop. All in all a completely efficient and reliable resource, just like the support team at Nottingham!

Over three part-seasons of Formula Vee racing, with the Race Technology logger and dash fitted, I have achieved 7 class wins, 9 class pole positions and 9 fastest laps. A level of results I don't think would have been achievable without access to the data available through the Race Technology set up. It has enabled me to improve the set-up of both chassis and engine as well as educating the driver! A fantastic return on my investment."

- Peter Studer

 Formula First - Ray and David Ruthven - New Zealand

"I'd like to mention at this time that we have been very impressed with your products. We have had the DL1 for 3+ years now and the Dash 2 for a year + and both have been flawless. The couple of issues we have had have been user/setup errors which have been resolved quickly. We use most features on the analysis side and have found them generally very easy to use."

Ray and David Ruthven - Formula First racers, New Zealand.

Andy Wyatt -

"I want to get the maximum data out of my own track experience, and also to be able to put a good driver in the seat and compare his driving with my own. I also wanted a system which would allow me to easily see the data and video at the same time; with some other systems you have to manually synchronise the data and video which would be too time consuming. I also needed the configurable dash because I want to be able to display variables that more experienced drivers can just ‘feel', like Gs and lap times."

"I have a DASH3, a DL1, a VIDEO4, Adaptronic ECU interface and 2 cameras. I have most of the engine data coming from the Adaptronic ECU, including fuel pressure and lambda. Additionally I have connected oil pressure, steering angle and all 4 wheel suspension travels into the DL1. As a result of setting this up on my car, I have been able to capture some excellent data from an excellent driver in my car. I can see that on turn 2 at Eastern Creek, we are lifting the inside rear wheel. I can be satisfied that I'm not having any fuel or oil surge / starvation problems as the pressures are stable. I can also see the limitations of my suspension configuration due to the lateral Gs that we are able to obtain. This gives me an excellent platform to develop the car for next year's Time Attack."

- Andy Wyatt