Video overlay software


The "VIDEO4 Configuration Tool" is the software that you need to use to design the graphics overlay that the VIDEO4 system adds to its video recordings. The video overlay can be almost any combination of bitmaps, dials, bargraphs, text and numerical values. It is also possible to only show particular graphics under particular conditions making it very flexible and powerful.

A number of example layouts are supplied with the VIDEO4 system, so it is not necessary to design your own unless you have an application that requires it.

The software doesn't include any method of editing the bitmaps, that must be done on an external application and loaded in. The bitmaps use alpha blending, which varies the transparency of the image, offering smooth blending and transparency through to the underlying video.

All our software is available as a single download which includes all programs and the documentation. This is available for free download here.

For further information on VIDEO4 software please visit our Knowledge Base here

The Overlays

There are many ready made overlays for the VIDOE4. Some are supplied with the software, and there is a free download area here where the latest additions can be acquired. Having many ready made overlays makes it quick and easy for anyone to get up and running with the system. It is also possible to make a completely custom overlay, either by modifying one of ours or starting completely from scratch.

All the overlaid graphics are:

  • 24 bit colour (with a maximum of sixteen million colours)
  • Alpha blended, so that all graphics may be made translucent if required
  • Anti-aliased, so that the graphics look smooth and professional
  • Added at full D1/DVD resolution, so that they are as clear as possible

The VIDEO4 configuration software enables you to design the layout of the screen overlays to meet your needs. Once this has been done, the layout is simply uploaded to the VIDEO4. If no overlay is required for a particular application then it can, of course, be left blank. The following examples show the various graphic display methods, which may be user defined and added to the screen in a number of different combinations:



1 - Video Source  2 -  Bitmap  3 - Analogue Dial
4 - Dynamic Line 5 - Track Map
6 - Bargraph
7 - Digital Display 8 - Simple Text 9 - Custom Dial