Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor


The Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor comes as a complete assembly with a suitable thermocouple and amplifier. Supplied with 70cm of insulated heat resistant cable, and 1m of standard 3 core cable

The thermocouple has an M5 thread. Fitting to an exhaust can be by drilling a section of the exhaust and welding an M5 nut in place, ready to bolt the thermocouple probe into position.

For more information on our exhaust gas temperature sensor visit our knowledge base here.

Technical Data

 Probe Material  Stainless Steel
 Temperature Range  -40°C to 1100°C
 Probe Thread  M5
 Leads  Insulated 70cm / non insulated 100cm
Main Product (USD 140.00)
Available Add-ons
Replacement EGT Probe (EGTPROBE) (USD 36.00)

* - Main product required.

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