RTSS - Real Time Scrutineering System


With fully automated cloud based data collection, report generation, remote management and live telemetry

RTSS from Race Technology is a complete off-the-shelf solution for race championship rule enforcement and BOP (Balance of Performance) applications. It is a unique combination of hardware and software, backed up with specialist technical support.
Race Technology has been involved with scrutineering of race series and championships for over 10 years at all levels of motorsport and multiple powerboat championships. We have extensive technical skills in vehicle power measurement, rule compliance and balance of performance applications. We can offer a range of services from simply supplying or renting systems, to a complete service package with remote or on-site support and custom report generation. It is also possible for us to design and manufacture custom data systems, looms and sensor packages. For more information or a demonstration please contact us.

Automatic data collection

Race data is automatically uploaded from all cars in real time to a cloud server.

This gives two major benefits:
• There is no requirement to manually download data from all cars after the race, so less on-site support is needed
• Rule infringements can be identified during the race, so any judgements can be in place before the podium presentations

Automated data processing & report generation

Since the race data is stored on the cloud server, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. For most applications, our servers can process and automatically report on measured parameters. The results can be automatically emailed, or downloaded from the web interface. Alternatively, if the data needs to be checked manually for compliance, this can be done by an office based engineer without the need to travel to the track. This simultaneously increases the data quality and reduces the cost of operating the system.

Remote management

For large grids it is an especially challenging task to ensure that all systems are installed, operational, and correctly configured. Common issues with traditional scrutineering systems include damaged GPS antennas and interrupted CAN connection – which can only be diagnosed by physically checking every car. If there are any issues with the RTSS operation, this can be quickly identified from the on-line interface. If a unit needs to have the configuration updated, for example to access more data from the vehicle CAN, such changes may also be uploaded to each device remotely, either for the whole grid or on a car-by-car basis.

Live Telemetry

View data live from every vehicle in the race series on almost any internet enabled device. The live data can include any combination of lap times, vehicle CAN messages, additional sensor channels and high accuracy GPS data. The live telemetry has applications in not only scrutineering, but also race management applications. Furthermore, as well as the web and PC based telemetry, it is also possible to set up event-based automatically generated emails and SMS messages.

Complete data security with local backup and power backup

Whilst the advanced features and automatic data collection are what set the RTSS apart, nothing is more important that ensuring that at the end of each event there is a valid data file from every car. To ensure that RTSS offers maximum robustness and reliability, and can be operated even when there is no GSM coverage, the system also logs a local backup data file to an SD card. At the end of an even this card can be accessed and a copy of all the data is available. In addition the RTSS also offers the option for connecting a small backup battery to ensure that the system continues logging even if main power is lost.

Team access and services

Where championship regulations permit, individual teams may also be granted access to their data. Access right are determined by the championship organiser and may for example include read-only access to stored data or even access to live telemetry on any web enabled laptop, tablet or smart phone.