RT Live - Live Telemetry Data Logger

  • View live data using an internet browser - including on android and iOS devices.
    • View lap times, ECU data, Speed, track position and analogue sensors etc.
    • View alarm statuses live, to enforce rules or monitor engine health


  • Send simple messages from the web browser back to the vehicle (DASH4PRO display required to view messages) such as “Pit Now”

  • Data is logged to online storage over 3G data connection
    • Download data from all registered units (e.g. complete race series) from one place for detailed post-race analysis

For basic applications the unit can be used standalone; simply connect 12V power from the vehicle, along with the supplied 3G and GPS antennas and it is ready to stream live data and record data to the Race Technology Cloud internet storage. The built in GPS receiver providing speed, track position, lap timing, braking and cornering grip usage.

A video explanation of the RT Live is shown below:


For more advanced applications the unit can be used as part of a system that includes almost any combination of Race Technology products (such as the DASH2 PRO and DL1) as well as external CAN sources and analogue sensors.


All information can be continuously uploaded over a 3G connection to a server. When a 3G connection is not available the data is buffered in the RT Live internal memory and uploaded to the server the next time a 3G connection is available. Once uploaded, the data is securely stored on a cloud server as standard format Race Technology data (.RUN) files which are compatible with all Race Technology software, including the comprehensive data analysis package.

RT Live includes an internal rechargeable battery to ensure that the unit can continue to operate and upload any buffered runs if the external power supply is interrupted. Data streaming is automatically started and stopped based on either vehicle movement, or whenever the unit has power, alternatively it can be controlled manually from the start/stop button on the RT Live, or a connected Race Technology DASH4PRO dash display unit.

Each RT Live unit is registered on the Race Technology website before first use. Either a single unit can be registered to an account, or a batch of units can be registered together for ease of management of a race series. The SIM card is permanently embedded in the unit and is managed on a straightforward PAYG method, with a payment gateway on the web interface to purchase credit as required.

View the RT Live Quick Start Guide

What are the benefits of RT Live?

The automatic data upload means no collecting memory cards, and no waiting around copying data files; for a race series this can save hours of work. For an individual it’s simply one less job to do. The live telemetry allows monitoring of channels and alarms that can be set to enforce rules and regulations, or monitored by a pit crew to prevent mechanical failures.

How fast are the live telemetry updates?

Live data viewed on an internet browser is updated at 5Hz. Live data updates directly to the PC based software can be up to 10Hz (depending on conditions and local internet speeds).

Which countries does RT live work in?

Currently the RT Live is able to work in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, UK. The region restrictions are due to the 3G data contract available, for applications outside of these countries please contact us to inquire.

Can I use my own SIM card?

No, the SIM card is sealed inside the unit, and is not user changeable. Race Technology source the data SIMs in large quantities in order to obtain a competitive deal for our customers. The supplied SIM card roams to the best network signal and works in all the previously listed countries without any additional roaming charges. The SIM cards supplied are set up and ready to use once the unit is registered on the website.

How much do the PAYG credits cost?

For current usage charges and costs please visit here

Data security

For information about data stoarage and security of the data please visit here

Note: The difference in purchase price between the "UK only" and "Anywhere in Europe" units reflects the considerable difference between data costs for the different regions. It is important to remember that the units will roam to the strongest available network signal within their region, ensuring the best possible signal and performance for that location.