Standard GPS antenna


A very high quality magnetic mounting GPS antenna. We've tested many types - and this came out the best by a clear margin. It's completely waterproof, reliable, very sensitive to weak signals and rarely suffers from radio interference. The connector is an SMA type, and it requires a 2.5v-5.0v supply - which it receives from the data logger.

For further information on the use of GPS and the theory behind GPS technology please visit our Knowledge Base here

*Main Product is 1m GPS Antenna, other variations available below 

Main Product (USD 48.00)
Available Add-ons
GPS antenna 3m (GPSANT3M) (USD 48.00)
GPS antenna 5m (GPSANT5M) (USD 48.00)

* - Main product required.

Note: all orders from Virginia will have sales tax at 5.3% added after the order is processed