Performance Monitor Software


The performance monitor software is a complete live testing package. Coupling a race technology sensing device such as one of our GPS data loggers, or a SPEEDBOX to a computer running the performance monitor software allows live tests to be performed. Tests such as accelerations and braking times are set up using the software. As the measured speeds pass the set reference points (for example 0 and 60 mph), the software can measure the time it takes to accelerate between these two speeds.

The software is fully configurable to the user's requirements. From performing simple tests between any variables such as speed, temperatures or pressures - To a complete test run featuring multiple tests, with user input requirements and guidance prompts to initiate the next part of the test. The results can be displayed using different formats such as graphs tables and values for ease of interpretation.

Some basic tests are already set up on the software to begin with. Tests are set up using scripts, for example a standing start acceleration test 0-60mph would look like this:


% display speed

Display "Speed", VAR_0015,2,18

Graph VAR_0015

OpenPromptWindow 50




            Prompt "Accelerate to 60mph"


            Wait (VAR_0001 !=0)


            %Start time



            RecordResult "Start time: ",TEMP_0001


            Wait (VAR_0015 >=60)


            % End time                 

            TEMP_0002 = VAR_0001


            Prompt "TEST COMPLETE"




RecordResult "End time: ",TEMP_0002,2

RecordResult "Total time to 0 - to 60 mph : ",(TEMP_0002-TEMP_0001),2


Using scripts allows the testing criteria to be totally controlled and customised, adding further conditions, secondary tests (eg after a 0-100mph acceleration test, a 100-0 braking test can be performed), multiple tests within the same run, and prompts to the tester (eg "Start braking NOW!" can be prompted to begin a brake test after an acceleration test). Details such as the testers name and vehicle being tested can be prompted prior to the test, and these details can be saved with the results for easy referencing.

The scripting language used is designed by Race Technology for this application, but is has many similarities to "basic". The script editor window contains all the relevant reference information such as keywords, variables and constants.

All our software is available as a single download which includes all programs and the documentation. This is available for free download here.