Analog inputs

This option adds on 4 analog inputs. These are high accuracy 16 bit, 0-20v, single ended inputs and can be sampled at up to 200Hz. The voltage measurement can be output on the CAN or serial ports and are fully synchronised with other data. The inputs are typically used for taking measurements of brake pressure, or temperature. As well as general logging, the inputs can also be used as a signal to trigger the start or end of a test.
Dual antenna option

Once the single antenna INS system is installed then the vehicle has to be driven for a few minutes with some dynamics for the kalman filter to fully converge and output all data. In most test applications this is not an issue. However, in some special cases, this can be inconvenient - for example some miliary applications, farm vehicles or mining trucks. In this case the vehicles maybe very slow or very expensive to run. For these applications, we recommend the dual antenna option. Using 2 antennas instead of one means that the system can fully initialise stationary. Note that having 2 antennas does not improve the overall accuracy of the system, the only difference is to the initialisation procedure.