SPEEDBOX MINI-INS - Advanced GPS and inertial sensor

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The ultimate automotive testing and race car development instrument - with full vehicle attitude measurements referenced to time and GPS data, all at 200Hz.


  • High precision automotive speed sensor - using inertial (IMU) and GPS technology for an accurate and robust measurement.
  • 200Hz on all channels, including acceleration, speed, distance, position and vehicle attitude (roll, pitch and yaw)
  • Robust to GPS outages, making it ideal for on highway use as well as at the test track
  • Simple to install and use, no complex initialisation requirements
  • Dual GPS RTK (real time kinematics) antenna layout on dual antenna version

The SPEEDBOX MINI-INS is our paramount industrial testing range. Using the complementary technologies of inertial and GPS systems - Using the best features of both with none of the drawbacks. The INS uses our complex algorithms and Kalman filtering to cross reference the GPS data with the inertial data, meaning that in difficult GPS conditions any short signal dropouts can be filled accurately by referencing the inertial data. This makes it ideal for real world road testing as well as test tracks.

The layout of the systems, with the GPS antennas and an IMU located in a single roof top assembly, means we can coordinate the data incredibly accurately with no "initialisation" phase required - Making it simple and quick to fit. It can be outputting data as soon as you get a GPS lock, fitted and ready for testing in a few minutes (for the single antenna option, some initialisation driving is required following stationary periods - typically a single warm up lap is all that is required with no "set manoeuvres").

What can the INS option measure?

The INS sensor assembly is connected to the main SPEEDBOX MINI unit, where the raw inertial and GPS outputs are combined in real time to accurately measure vehicle attitude (roll, pitch, yaw), acceleration, velocity, distance, gradient and heading as well as position. All measurements have a very low latency of just a few milliseconds, and are output at a rate of 200Hz with no interpolation. The dual antenna setup allows for very precise measurements between the two antennas (to within a few mm) so the yaw and pitch angle of the vehicle can be measured to a few tenths of a degree.

The 200Hz update rate is very important when accurately measuring vehicle responses during testing, assuring the data is accurate during dynamic manoeuvres. With such high update rates on the data it is important not to introduce noise into the system, especially when measuring velocity. The whole SPEEDBOX MINI range is optimised for automotive testing - with the INS option offering the highest accuracy and 200Hz outputs on all channels - ensuring the update rates are as high as possible without introducing noise into the measurements.

The SPEEDBOX MINI-INS is suitable for detailed analysis of driver / circuit / vehicle handling, performance testing, brake and tyre testing, fuel economy, speed verification, development of driver assistance systems etc.

The SPEEDBOX MINI unit outputs the data, for logging and live tests. The data can be logged to a Race Technology logging system, or integrated into an existing system using the SPEEDBOX MINI's CAN, RS232, pulse and analogue outputs.

What are the advantages of the INS system?

The system differentiates itself from any similar system in 3 key areas, it's simpler to fit and use, it's more robust, and more economical than competitor systems.

While other systems can take 30 minutes to fit into a car and require relatively detailed configuration, the SPEEDBOX MINI-INS system can be fitted and outputting data within a few minutes. There is no configuration needed, and no "initialisation" phase.

The system has been custom designed for the automotive environment. The dual antenna GPS receiver has been custom designed in house by Race Technology, and the system case and sensor assembly is made for the tough automotive environment. All the main components including the sensor assembly are CNC made, and connectors are all very high quality.

Finally, the system breaks new ground in terms of price / performance compared with similar systems - the SPEEDBOX MINI INS is comparable to competitor's price for a GPS only system. The sensor and new firmware is available as an upgrade to existing SPEEDBOX MINI customers.

The video below shows a SPEEDBOX MINI-INS system being used for repeated brake testing with CAN data from the vehicle and additional sensors. The vehicle pitch, speed and g forces are taken from the SPEEDBOX MINI-INS:

Further information about the SPEEDBOX MINI INS option are available on our knowledge base here.

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