SPEEDBOX MINI - GPS based speed sensor


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The SPEEDBOX MINI is a very high accuracy non-contact speed sensor that has been designed for professional automotive testing as well as other industrial and high-end motorsport applications. It outputs a low latency, non-interpolated speed measurement comprised of GPS and inertial data combined using an adaptive filter for exceptional performance even in non-GPS ideal environments. Packaged in a high quality aluminium enclosure, it offers an extremely high reliability design based on our years of racing experience. The high accuracy speed measurement is output in a variety of forms suitable for integration into most datalogging and display systems; CAN, RS232, and a fully configurable digital pulse output are all provided as standard.

The SPEEDBOX MINI uses Race Technology's very own high accuracy 20Hz PurePhase  GPS solution, optimised for speed measurement. This unique GPS technology outperforms all "GPS-only sensors", offering lower noise, lower latency and superior bandwidth, and is far more resistant to drop outs. It offers an ideal replacement/upgrade for 5th wheel, optical and gps-only sensors in a wide variety of automotive testing applications, including brake testing, chassis dynamics, accident reconstruction, tyre testing and stability management testing, to name but a few.
The SPEEDBOX MINI avoids the inaccuracies, wear and calibration requirements of devices such as wheel speed sensors, requiring only a good view of the sky to give speed output typically 40 times more accurately than a calibrated wheel speed sensor.