Pass-by (Drive-by) Noise Testing System

We offer complete pass-by (drive-by) noise testing systems suitable for both cars and motorcycles. The systems are based around a compact, customised Peli case that mounts on/in the vehicle and a trackside PC and sound meters. With a wireless data link between the vehicle mounted kit and the trackside PC. All data and results are recorded to the trackside PC in the Performance Monitor software, and test results and data are fedback to the vehicle mounted display for instant feedback.



The system is ideal for the motorbike testing as the vehicle mounted kit is compact and easily mounted. The trackside set up is quick with only a single measured distance between the optical trigger and the sound-meters. Passing the optical trigger starts the test at point A-A, with the system automatically measuring the distance to P-P and B-B, with relevant speed and sound measurements recorded to the PC. The testing can be made more efficient by using a second optical trigger, allowing testing in both directions, with automatic left/right switching of the sound-meters.


For the motorcycle test system the laser trigger and GPS antenna are mounted neatly on the case, for a car or lorry these would be mounted on the outside of the vehicle.

Part of the testing procedure; a WOT (Wide Open Throttle) test requires the driver/rider to hit a speed typically 50KPH to within +/-1KPH at full throttle at the centre of the test (P-P line) and achieve a given average acceleration rate. This is difficult to achieve first time. The Race Technology system offers live feedback using the DASH4PRO display; enabling the driver/rider to adjust their entry speed correctly and efficiently and see if the test was successful.

The image above demonstrates the compactness of the system, showing it mounted on a motorbike, complete with display for live feedback. The system is CAN compatible and can take RPM and throttle position directly from the vehicle's CAN bus. If CAN is not available on the vehicle then a separate direct RPM input is available and a 100% throttle switch can be quickly mounted as shown below:

The video below gives an introduction to the system and the software:

An application document is available to download below, detailing an example testing scenario.

R41 Drive-by Noise Testing System

An example system for (Pass-by) drive-by noise testing of OEM vehicles. The application notes detail an example scenario for motorcycle testing. With the benefits of the Race Technology system being quick setup and instant driver/rider feedback. 


Systems can be purchased with or without the following options:

Laptop computer (English version)

  • Race Technology installed software
  • Configured "ready to go"
  • USB hub
  • USB extension
  • Microsoft office

Sound meters (2 required)

  • Larson and Davis LXT sound meters
  • Calibration certificates
  • Microphone tripod mounting clip
  • 40m microphone extension cable

Internal battery pack

  • 12v 5000mAh internal battery
  • Smart charger

Tripod kit

  • 2 x tripods for microphones
  • 1 x tripod with laser trigger reflective barrier

Weather station

  • Davis Vantage Vue weather station
  • Davis LCD display
  • Race Technology Interface - decodes data from weather station and outputs data into base station laptop PC
  • Tripod for weather station

R51 Kit (Car Noise Testing)

  • External GPS antenna
  • External laser trigger with suction mount
  • OBD interface


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