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The GPS2 is a high accuracy GPS receiver which can be used either as a standalone GPS receiver to provide CAN and RS232 output to other systems, or can be combined with a Race Technology SPEEDBOX or CATS to improve the GPS positional accuracy and signal robustness of existing systems.

There are two versions available, the GPS2 offers single frequency GPS and GLONASS with better robustness to signal dropouts and poor GPS conditions than a GPS only system, the GPS2 RTK uses dual frequency GPS and GLONASS as well as RTK corrections either over the 3G telephone network or via an external radio modem from a local base station to give positional accuracy down to a few cm.  The 3G modem required for receiving corrections is built in to the GPS2 for a very simple and compact installation with minimum configuration.

Using the GPS2 RTK with the SPEEDBOX-INS or CATS gives all the benefit of the proven speed and attitude accuracy of the SPEEDBOX-INS, with the addition of positional accuracy upgraded from the 1m level to the 2-3cm level. This brings many more applications within the remit of the SPEEDBOX-INS / CATS system, including:

  • Driving robot input
  • Lane deviation testing
  • Target tracking
  • Driver assistance development and end-of-line testing
  • Driverless vehicle research and development

The GPS2 uses the same stacking design as the DL2 and SPEEDBOX for neat installation.