Applications - Industrial OEM Testing Products

Race Technology Industrial OEM testing products are currently in use within, but not limited to the following applications. Our OEM testing products offer exceptional measurement accuracies, competitive prices and are optimised for transport/vehicle testing. If you have an application not detailed below and would like to discuss the suitability please contact us at

Application documents are available to download below, detailing system examples for different testing scenarios.

Brake Testing System

An example brake testing system, looking at repeated braking tests and accelerations causing increased brake disc temperatures. With braking measurements being taken by the SPEEDBOX INS system, and additional sensor inputs reading disc temperatures and brake line pressures. Additional vehicle data obtained via connection to the vehicle CAN bus, eg. wheel speeds, RPM, throttle position etc.

R41 Drive-by Noise Testing System

An example system for (Pass-by) drive-by noise testing of OEM vehicles. The application notes detail an example scenario for motorcycle testing. With the benefits of the Race Technology system being quick setup and instant driver/rider feedback. 

SPEEDBOX-INS Distance Verification Application Notes

This application note describes a method for comparing distance measurements from a CATS or SPEEDBOX-INS system with DASH4PRO, to those from a class 1 tape measure. This would be done to verify the measurements.


A video example of the SPEEDBOX Distance Verification is shown below:


OEM Vehicle Testing - Development and testing of new vehicles and components


Speed measurement, brake testing, tyre testing, suspension development, vehicle attitude measurement (Roll, pitch, yaw).


Complete Automotive Testing System, Pass-by Noise System


High-end Autosport Testing - Racing vehicle development, tuning / setup and driver / vehicle performance measurement.


Suggested products: SPEEDBOX, SPEEDBOX mini, SPEEDBOX-INS Single Tactical, DL2, VIDEO4 PRO



Motorcycle Testing - Speed measurement, brake / tyre testing, sound meter testing


Suggested products: SPEEDBOX miniPass-by Noise System, SPEEDBOX-INS Single Tactical



Train/Rail Testing - Speed, gradient measurement, NVH studies.


Complete Automotive Testing System