GoPro Race Analysis Software

(No Race Technology Hardware Required)

Analysis Software for GoPro

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Use GoPro video and its embedded GPS data for comprehensive race analysis. Lap/sector times, track map, speeds, braking points, cornering g force and much more...

  • Professional race data analysis for GoPro users - Analyse the data to find out where to go faster!
  • Join multiple chapters into a single video (keeping GPS data intact)
  • Transcode video to lower resolutions and bitrates for storage
  • Load up to 5 different camera views and automatically synchronise them
  • Graph GoPro GPS data and plot trackmaps on Google maps
  • Calculate lap and sector times
  • View video seamlessly alongside other applications
  • Export GoPro data to other applications
  • Export videos with data overlays and videos from multiple cameras
  • All GPS enabled GoPro models supported
  • All GoPro resolutions and frame rates supported, MP4 and LRV

New Multi-Camera Support - Add synchronised PIP videos from other GoPro cameras. Analyse data alongside multiple video views.

New multi-camera support

Current GoPro action cameras feature GPS* and accelerometers, recording upto 4K UHD video with synchronised speed, position and acceleration (grip) data. A new GoPro mode is now available for Race Technology's powerful and intuitive Analysis software, enabling GoPro video and data to be loaded directly into the software. The GoPro mode allows in-depth data analysis of the GoPro's embedded GPS and accelerometer data alongside the automatically synchronised video. View trackmaps overlaid on satellite images, lap and sector timing with theoretical fastest laps and timeslip comparisons. Compare braking points and corering forces using the measured acceleration forces. Create stunning output videos with data overlays using the new ultra-fast video export tool. GoPro cameras record two different video files, LRV (Low Resolution Video) and the full quality MP4, the software can use both to give the best performance to the task in hand. Using LRV files is perfect for data analysis, small file sizes, quick to load and scroll through makes them ideal for trackside analysis. Using the full quality MP4 files enables full resolution high quality output videos with data overlay.

The compact and lightweight GoPro camera also enables other sports to embrace the power of video and data analysis. Skiing, cycling and motorbike / motocross lap timing or start marker to end marker analysis.

GoPro System Overview

*GoPro models that feature GPS: 5 Black, 6 Black, 7 Black, 8 Black, 7 Silver and 9 Black**.

**Please note that from our testing the GPS data from the 9 Black is not as good as the 7 and 8 models, so we recommend the 7 and 8 models for best data results.


For more example videos please visit here

 A video joiner is also included to automatically join video chapters whilst preserving the embedded GPS data. Optional re-encoding feature enables reduced file sizes and reduced resolutions to aid data management and file storage.

GoPro Chapter Joiner

The GoPro Only software can be installed and tested for a limited time for free. There is a one off charge to register the software permanently - £59. Please note that a licence is valid for one computer only and cannot be transferred to a different computer at a later date. Additional licences can be purchased if you wish to use the software on multiple computers. Software licence codes can be purchased from the top of this page, or by registration in the software.

The GoPro Only Software can be downloaded from here

Support: The GoPro Standalone Software is supported on email by professional engineers - please email details of your support request to and we will endeavour to respond to your request as quickly as we can. Please check you are using the latest version of the software package (available above) prior to contacting Race Technology.

A full explanation of the software is shown here:

Instructions for using the Video Joiner Application are shown here: