The DASH2 PRO is fully compatible with our:

- Data analysis software

- Live monitor software

Configuration Software

The DASH2 PRO can be configured by direct connection to a PC through the USB port. Standard factory configurations are available to load when the software is first started, these offer a good starting point for customising the unit's configuration. Configurations can be read back from the DASH2 PRO unit, allowing minor changes to be made quickly and easily.

The software is broadly split in to the following sections:

Input Control

  • External inputs - Inputs connected to the analogue inputs or frequency inputs
  • ECU interfaces - Built in serial and CAN based ECU interfaces
  • Unit control inputs - connecting inputs to control the unit, such as start/stop or add marker
  • Internal sensors - built in sensors such as GPS, gyro, accelerometers
  • CAN inputs - Configure CAN bus data for logging or display

Variable Mapping - specifying where each channel of data comes from

Output Control

  • Output drivers - On/Off or PWM output drivers
  • Flash card storage - what is stored to the memory card
  • Output serial data - what data is transmitted on the serial port
  • Output CAN data - what data is transmitted on the CAN ports
  • Alarms - Alerting the driver to conditions which need attention

Display Control

  • Setup display - Configure the backlight brightness and display contrast
  • Setup shift lights - Configure the six shift lights across the top of the unit
  • Setup gear indicator - Configure where gear information is calculated or taken from
  • Setup RPM scale - Set the scaling on the RPM scale as well as the telltale indicator and filtering
  • Setup speed readout - Set whether or not the speed is shown, where the data is taken from and the units used
  • Setup LCD data areas - The main configuration for what data is shown where on the screen
  • Configure configuration sets - Set up different screens for different drivers and different modes of operation

Other Functions

  • Alarms - Alerting the driver to conditions which need attention
  • Car computer functions - Display information on how much fuel is remaining or hours of engine use
  • Lap timing - Set up how lap timing information is displayed on the unit
  • Variable reset group - Set which variables can be reset to zero for looking at changes in ride height etc.

All our software is available as a single download which includes all programs and the documentation. This is available for free download here.

For more information on how to configure your hardware please visit out Knowledge Base here