DASH2 PRO - Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the standard DASH2 and this DASH2 PRO?

The main difference is that the DASH2 PRO offers powerful live data processing and a range of enhancement options, enabling you to have a more complete system in just one compact component. For example: you can add CAN reception to take sensor data directly from your vehicle's CAN bus or ECU, and add an extra 4 analogue inputs for sensors - all without adding another component into the system. Reducing the number of components in the system reduces clutter and improves reliability by reducing the number of connections.

The powerful processor in the DASH2 PRO also allows for the "Advanced Options Bundle" featuring car computer functions, advanced alarms, advanced shiftlight functions and much more. These functions are available as an optional extra.

Visually there are differences like the bi-colour shiftlights (which can be configured to work in multiple ways with the Advanced Options Bundle) and higher density connectors. There are also some very subtle differences to the all new LCD display, with some extra segments and lap/sector timing functions now being possible on the large segment area at the bottom of the LCD. The backlight brightness and the display contrast can also be adjusted to your preference, for both day and night time modes.

Can the DASH2 PRO be used standalone?

Yes, the DASH2 PRO is a provided with direct inputs for sensors such as wheel speed, engine speed and analogue sensors; to be used as a complete standalone system. It is also compatible with other Race Technology equipment if you require GPS lap timing, more sensors or video integrated into your data system.

Can I use the sensors already on my vehicle?

Yes you can, though it will require them to be setup correctly - the software can generate the custom equation for the sensor from a simple table of testing results. For more information please click here

Is the DASH2 PRO road legal?

Yes, it has everything required for the latest IVA tests to be fully road legal - Including tamperproof odometer, backlit display and mandatory warning lights.

How do I control the unit?

The DASH2 PRO is controllable using 4 momentary push buttons (not included). These are used to scroll through the different display screens and through the menus and unit settings. We do not supply buttons as standard as many people don't use them or already have buttons in a particular style to match their vehicle. Button sets are available as an extra from here

How do I configure the DASH2 PRO unit with my settings?

Using the DASH2 PRO configuration software included with the Race Technology software installation, and a USB cable to link the unit to a PC. The unit DASH2 PRO unit will require a power supply, as it must be powered on during configuration. For detailed instructions on configuration please visit here

Is the DASH2 PRO reliable and well made?

The DASH2 PRO is class leading in terms of component quality, build quality and reliability - it is a very high quality professional instrument, entirely designed in-house and manufactured in the UK. The unit carries the normal 12 month guarantee against manufacturing defects and lifetime email support.