Input - Side PANEL


Data output and power supply for display.

Analogue input

1 external input, 0-25v. Protected and have a 2nd order filter with corner frequency of 105Hz. Accuracy = 0.4% of measured voltage +-20mV. Sample rate 100Hz as standard, 1kHz optional..

OBD input

RS232 input and power supply for OBD adaptor

CAN input

Fully configurable direct CAN input. Message reception and transmission up to 1MBit/s

RPM input high

Designed to connect directly to negative terminal of ignition coil. Can also fire from fuel injectors and from CD ignition systems. Accuracy =0.1%

RPM input low

Triggering voltage requires a low input of <1v and a high input of >4v and 15v maximum. Suitable for connection directly to most ECU tacho outputs. Maximum input frequency >300Hz. Accuracy = 0.1%

Power input

12v nominal input, minimum of 10v, maximum of 15v. Current consumption approximately 500mA


SMA modem antenna connector




GPS antenna connection


Reflective power input and power supply



Output -  Modem


High accuracy speed @ 100Hz


High accuracy distance @ 100Hz




Light barrier trigger input

Accuracy messages

GPS accuracy message to validate test

CAN data

Configured CAN data

Analogue input



Base Station - Inputs

Sound meters (2x)

Larson and Davis sound meters (LXT or 831)

Weather station data

Vantage Vue weather station. Air temp, wind speed, wind direction, humidity, atmospheric air pressure

In-vehicle data

Via modem: Speed/distance/RPM/light barrier trigger/accuracy messages/CAN data/analogue data


Base Station - Outputs

Script test results

Live monitor combines data from vehicle, sound meters and weather station and outputs a test result.

Final results

Combines test results into R41/R51 complaint final result