GPS Antennas

Here at Race Technology we've tested many, many different brands and types of GPS antenna over the years. Based on this experience, we stock different types of GPS antenna that we believe should cover all of our customer's needs.

All antennas are magnetic mounting, patch type antennas, since these are the best type to use for the automotive application where they can simply be placed on the top of the roof.

Our standard antenna should give excellent performance for over 95% of customers needs, and is shipped as standard on all of our products. It is an excellent antenna, at a very competitive price point.

The high precision compact antenna is one of the best antennas available, bringing the latest dual feed, interference rejecting, high gain technologies. This antenna is also RF rejecting so offers excellent performance in noisy RF environments. At some locations, RF interference has been found to be a problem, causing loss-of-lock of the GPS signal from the standard antennas. This typically occurs at professional motorsport events, where outside broadcast vans, and telemetry from other devices, creates an extremely noisy RF environment. In these situations, we have found that RF-interference rejecting antennas will retain lock where the standard antenna cannot.

Links to the product pages for the antennas stocked are given below:-

Standard GPS patch antenna

High precision compact antenna