SPEEDBOX-RTK Real Time Kinematic Slip Angle Measuring Option for the SPEEDBOX



The RTK option for the SPEEDBOX includes the following in addition to the standard SPEEDBOX features: -

The SPEEDBOX-RTK uses innovative cutting-edge "Moving Base Real Time Kinematics" GPS technology to accurately measure vehicle yaw and pitch 20 times per second. These parameters are calculated using very high accuracy position measurements from two separate GPS antennas. The relative positions of the two GPS antennas can be determined within a few millimetres, so for a baseline distance of 1m between the two antennas (typical) the vehicle pitch and yaw can be calculated to an accuracy of a few tenths of a degree. Vehicle yaw and pitch are measured directly and do not require the vehicle to be moving.

The additional RTK option can either be specified at the time of ordering, or a standard SPEEDBOX can be factory-upgraded to SPEEDBOX-RTK specification. 

Slip Angle

Pitch Gradient

How long does it take to get an RTK lock?

Our unique GPS compass system typically regains lock in just 5 seconds in real world conditions. This is by far the best of any competitor system, with most taking over 30 seconds in the same conditions, with some taking several minutes. By this measure, whilst other systems are only suitable for use at test tracks where there are no GPS obstructions, our system can be used on the race track or on public roads. This technology has been developed by Race Technology and is unique to Race Technology.

Who is the SPEEDBOX-RTK designed for?

The SPEEDBOX-RTK is primarily designed for OEM testing and professional level motorsports or any application where high accuracy real time vehicle attitude and speed measurements are required.

How is the SPEEDBOX-RTK used?

The SPEEDBOX-RTK is connected to a data logging system using any combination of the RS232, CAN, pulse and analogue outputs provided.The unit itself requires no calibration, but the two GPS antennas must be placed a fixed distance apart on the roof of the vehicle (1m is typical).Accurate measurement of the distance between the two antennas is not necessary because the unit will automatically calculate the exact distance itself.When powered up, the SPEEDBOX-RTK will automatically lock onto GPS satellites and use the relative positions of the antennas to calculate vehicle yaw and pitch, as well as heading, gradient, speed and position which are calculated from one antenna. A status indicator light on the SPEEDBOX-RTK informs the user of the current output status.


More detailed information about the accuracy of the SPEEDBOX +RTK option is available here.

Key features

20Hz yaw and pitch output. The RTK system calculates vehicle yaw and pitch from relative positions of the antennas and outputs a reading at 20Hz.

20Hz heading and gradient output. The base GPS receiver in the RTK is used to calculate the heading and gradient based on the speed calculations.

20Hz GPS speed and position output. The GPS speed and position information is calculated and output at 20Hz.

Wide range of output formats. Available output formats include CAN, RS232, pulse and analogue. Custom output messages, such as NMEA over RS232, can be added on request.

Configurable. The SPEEDBOX-RTK is supplied with PC configuration software which allows details of the outputs to be configured. Full configuration instructions are provided.

Upgradeable firmware. The firmware of the SPEEDBOX-RTK is flash upgradeable from the serial port of a PC. Firmware updates are provided free of charge and full reflashing instructions are provided.

Software and documentation. The SPEEDBOX-RTK is supplied with a comprehensive software CD providing full instructions for installation, configuration, use and output data processing (if required).


Recommended Optional Extras:

To aid the setup of the dual antennas we can also supply magnetic mounting templates. These are available for the high precision compact antennas supplied. The magnetic templates have cut outs to suit the antennas and enable the quick setup of the antennas with an 800mm baseline spacing.

For details and purchase enquiries please email us at sales@race-technology.com