DASH4PRO Information at a glance with auxiliary data displays.

The DASH4PRO data display can be:

  • Used as part of a Race Technology system, feeding back data and test results. It can be used to set up triggered tests on the SPEEDBOX products as well as reviewing previous test results and showing live data.


  • Connected directly to a CAN bus (with the additional, direct CAN option) of a vehicle to monitor CAN variables on the fully configurable display screens and bi-colour LED scales.


  • Connected directly to third party equipment that has a CAN output (with the additional, direct CAN option), displaying the relevant data and system status on the fully configurable display screens and bi-colour LED scales.


Please note: The direct CAN option is in addition to the standard features of the DASH4PRO. The standard features are as follows:

  • Die-cast aluminium case. A rugged aluminium die-cast case with multiple mounting possibilities, including optional windscreen mounting kit.
  • Built-in performance meter for simple testing e.g. 0-60mph and quarter mile.
  • Fully configurable data screens with Five font sizes. Create clear screen layouts with text, graphs, bar charts and SPEEDBOX text results.
  • Multiple screens of data. The DASH4PRO display has multiple screens of data which can be scrolled through using the up/down buttons.
  • Integrated system messages. When used with our data loggers and SPEEDBOX products the DASH4PRO can display system messages; such as memory remaining, GPS status and system warnings. Trouble shooting is simple with clear information about memory card/GPS antenna issues.
  • Set up SPEEDBOX triggered tests. Set up and adjust settings for SPEEDBOX triggered tests using the DASH4PRO display, save time making small changes in the vehicle.
  • Bi-colour LED scales can be configured independently and used to clearly display essential variable to the driver/rider, for example target speeds or system status.

The DASH4PRO is a feature packed data display, with a choice of screen technologies to suit the environment it will be used in, and a cable choice to suit the intended installation.

Display choice:

  • OLED - Ultra high contrast, wide viewing angle, with wide operating temperature range, but not suitable for use in direct, bright sunlight.
  • LCD - Backlit display for visibility in low light, transflective technology ensures it remains visible in bright sunlight.


Cable choice: 

  • Standard - simple straight cable for static mounting.
  • Optional steering wheel mounting kit - (complete with wound cable, quick release connector and steering wheel mounting bracket).




Case and mounting options

The new case design features a small lip around the front edge, allowing the unit to be fitted neatly into a flat panel for permanent installation. The M4 mounting holes on the rear allow mounting to any custom brackets or the steering wheel mount if specified (steering wheel mounting kit is an optional extra).

A new accessory is the: Mounting boss - ¼" UNC threaded boss designed to fit suction mounts and other popular mounting systems e.g. RAM mounts.


Performance Meter

Quick and easy to use performance meter for use with GPS enabled DL1 data loggers and SPEEDBOX products. Use the DASH4PRO to give instant feedback and results of performance tests: time between speeds (e.g. 0-60) and time over distance (e.g. ¼ mile times). The tests are easily setup using the menus on the display.


Optional direct CAN input

Optional CAN input function for standalone CAN display (connected directly to a CAN bus or ECU), or displaying from RAW CAN licence on a data logger. DBC file support for ease of configuration and built in CAN tools for development use. The CAN input function is in addition to the standard features.

Built in CAN tools for displaying incoming CAN messages, perfect for troubleshooting and reverse engineering.Display all variables at 20, 50, 100, 125, 160, 250, 500 kbps or 1000 (1Mbit) baud rates, displays all raw CAN at selected baud rate. This enables data baud rates to be quickly checked, and individual messages scrolled through. Check incoming addresses, frequency and see raw data values live. Display all raw CAN variables at the unit's configured baud rate, to quickly check the configuration, frequency, all incoming raw CAN addresses and their values.



5 font sizes allow for more freedom when designing and editing screen layouts. The all new fonts are redesigned to be smoother at larger sizes. More size options, better looking fonts, and longer text strings (up to 17 characters).


Tightly integrated

Display system warnings and messages from our data loggers and SPEEDBOX products. Set up SPEEDBOX triggered tests directly from the DASH4PRO display, and view the results live on the display. Save time setting up and changing tests by changing and adjusting settings on the display instead of reconfiguring for each test using the PC. Use the DASH4PRO's menus to configure start/stop conditions, trigger effect, interval flag, optional outputs, MFDD settings, test names and units.


Configuration software

New and updated configuration software, simpler to use and with more features. Variable search function for fast finding of variables. Ensure compatibility with the latest features with automatic firmware check and update during configuration. Read back configurations from the unit into the software, make changes and send back to reconfigure the unit (PC programming lead required). With new fonts, new font sizes, longer text strings and up to 40 objects per screen the DASH4PRO configuration software offers a wealth of new features.

Optional accessories:

  • Mounting boss - Mounting boss with ¼"-20 UNC standard tripod mounting thread for use with suction mounts and other popular mounting systems
  • PC Programming lead - Power supply and serial data cable for PC connection and programming
  • USB serial adaptor - PC not got a serial port? Convert serial D-type connection to USB connection.


For a full specification on the DASH4PRO, and technical information, please visit our Knowledgebase here.