Dash2 PRO CAN transmission

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Dash2 PRO CAN transmission

Postby markk » Thu Dec 29, 2016 8:59 pm

Anyone actually used the CAN output back to an ECU?

I have a DASH2 Pro, main signals on CAN 1 from my SImtek ECU, but cetain things wired to the dash analogue I could do with on the ECU (Fuel pressure/EGT/Oil pressure/GPS road speed) but cannot get the system to work.

I can monitor live CAN data in the ecu but I get nothing.

I have copied the RT addresses from the CAN outputs, enabled them and given them a sampling rate, added them to my ECU telemetry input per channel but get nothing.

On the top of the RT CAN output setup it gives an option of 11/29bit messages, yet in the instructions it states that all RT transmissions ore 29bit.

I send CAN to the dash in 11bit from the ECU, but do I need to have the dash in 29bit? why the option if RT needs to transmit in 29bit?

I have only tried it in 11bit so far.


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Re: Dash2 PRO CAN transmission

Postby Support » Wed Jan 04, 2017 2:00 pm


The use of 29bit is the default for RT CAN data, however it is possible to output the data on an 11bit address in just the same way. The bytes used by each variable will remain the same regardless of ID length used.

The first thing to check is whether the CAN transmission license has been enabled within the DASH2 PRO being used. To do this, read the configuration back from the unit and go to Options > Logger Options and scroll through the list until CAN Port 1 transmit is shown. If a green tick is shown to the right of the license, it is enabled. Note that this option is not enabled with the standard CAN decode license.

If the above license is enabled, you need to ensure that the ECU is capable of being configured to ensure that the correct byte and scaler is being used to decode each channel. The RT CAN data format can be found in the below link.

http://www.race-technology.com/wiki/ind ... DataFormat

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