aem series 2 with Dash2 pro can issues

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aem series 2 with Dash2 pro can issues

Postby Lasupra » Wed Aug 17, 2016 3:41 pm


I am trying to setup comunication between a AEM series 2 pnp ecu for honda s2000 with a Dash2 pro display.

This car and all parts was purchased by a former owner and was never installed.
the new owner has asked me to install and finish the car but now in the end I am struggeling with the can comunication.

as I understand it the Dash2 pro has 2 can lines, but they are locked as standard and its an upgrade?
when checking old documentation from the purchase of the parts the upgrade for : gps+accel+logging

I cant find anything on the recips regarding CAN upgrade, is there a way of checking this in the unit?

And if the can lines should work I would need some suport with the CAN protocols.

I hope someone could give me some answers as the car is completed and ready for its first track time.

Best regards

Support (D)
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Re: aem series 2 with Dash2 pro can issues

Postby Support (D) » Thu Aug 18, 2016 3:51 pm

Hello Peter,

OK to check exactly what options (licenses) the DASH2PRO has, follow below instructions:

Connect the dash to the computer that has RT software installed > read the configuration back from the unit using the DASH2PRO configuration software > go to options > dash options > the options with the ticked box next to them are enabled, the boxes that are not ticked mean that it is not enabled for use.

The option you need is no.14 (CAN port 1 receive 15) if this is ticked you have the CAN license enabled.

If not you can purchase the upgrade license from here: ... /dash2-pro

or by calling, once you have the license enabled we can send you a .CAN file for the dash that contains the specific protocols for the AEM series 2.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,
Support (D)

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