DL1 MK1 & DASH3LITE firmware - Shift Light Issue

Dan Tiley
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DL1 MK1 & DASH3LITE firmware - Shift Light Issue

Postby Dan Tiley » Tue Oct 16, 2018 1:36 pm


I'm trying to resurrect some of my legacy Race-Technology units for a ChampCar build we're taking to the track this weekend. I have multiple DL1 MK1's and a DASH3LITE. Right now everything is working except for the shift lights on the DASH3. RPM displays and updates correctly on the DASH3, but the shift lights are not following the RPM signal. Depending on how I set the light mapping in the setup tool, I can make it display no lights, one light, 3 lights, or all 6 flashing, but they don't change with RPM. I thought maybe I have mismatched firmware versions between the DASH3 and DL1? Does anyone have these HEX files that would be willing to share? Or maybe I'm just missing something else in the setup software?

Thanks for the help!
Dan Tiley

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Re: DL1 MK1 & DASH3LITE firmware - Shift Light Issue

Postby Support » Wed Oct 17, 2018 2:46 pm


If you email us directly at: daniel (at) race - technology (dot) com, we'll be able to send you the latest firmware file for the DL1 MK1.

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