Output driver pins

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Output driver pins

Postby BiKenG » Tue Jun 16, 2015 9:00 am

With the Output Drivers option I can use 4 of the analog 'channels' as controlled outputs (actually taking pin to ground). By default, these are all on Connector B, leaving the 4 analog inputs on Connector A. This is a problem wiring into the vehicle.

Can I configure the analog input channels 1-4 on Connector A as the Output Drivers and so use the 5-8 on Connector B as the inputs?

The wiki states:-

"The output pins are configured from the Output Drivers icon on the DASH2 PRO configuration software"

which implies I can do this and set which pins I want to use for the Output Drivers, but can I in fact do this and change which analog channels are used for the drivers?
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