Video integration with data-issues

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Video integration with data-issues

Postby Jim Perry » Thu Jun 15, 2017 11:24 am

We have forever had problems with accurate video integration, and that seems pretty important if one is using Analysis to improve performance. We have used Contour cameras and a video synchronizer supplied by RT, but the feature has really not worked and we have had to try to do the synchronization manually - a lot of trial and error that leads to one very frustrated race engineer (who has advocated for abandoning Race Technology in favor of another data acquisition system, but the car owner has resisted spending more on another system and tossing RT under the bus).

Perhaps we should have invested in the Video 4 system, but we did not, and now that looks like an old and NLA solution too.

It appears that RT has thrown its lot in with GoPro, and that may be a solution.

I wonder if any users have had similar issues, if they have found a good answer to the problem, and/or if using the GoPro GPS-enabled Hero 5 has worked for anyone.
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Re: Video integration with data-issues

Postby Maxx » Tue Jun 27, 2017 1:56 pm


Not sure if I can help but I've used the output from lots of different cameras with the RT software and (touch wood) everything has been fine.

I've always sync'd manually as I find it pretty easy. Essentially a zoom in on te start of the speed trace and find an obvious gearchange point (not so easy with sequentials but i rarely work with them) and then stop the video when I can hear/see the change. I then pick a later lap and play back watching speed trace and listening for gearchanges, often a small nudge is required. I'd feel I'd struggled if this took more than about 4-5 minutes, usually it's around 2 minutes.

Only potential issue I can think of, given that the video format is compatible is if you had an odd frame rate, I've used 25/30/50/60 and all have worked but not sure if there are others used?

If you think it's the video format could you post the output from the propgram MediaInfo here and I'll take a look


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