Better warning on Dash3

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Better warning on Dash3

Postby 924RACR » Tue Jul 08, 2014 7:46 pm

Since it seems like no-one's kicked this forum off yet...

I've struggled with getting good/useful display and warning capability out of my Dash3. The size and viewability are pretty tough in a very fast open-cockpit car, with limited time to read a low-res LCD display, often further impaired by other reflections. While the logging and evaluation capabilities of the DL1 are awesome, working through the display has been a real challenge.

Sadly, just going for a larger display is not easy to do; my cockpit/dash area is already extremely cramped.

Furthermore while the automated warning capability of the dash seems good, the messages displayed are just too hard to read while otherwise occupied!

The first change I made was to create a custom bitmap that displays the message "OIL" in reverse lettering covering the whole screen. This screen number can then easily be displayed if oil pressure goes below a preset point; even better, I've created a math channel that will cause this screen to be displayed if my oil pressure ever drops below 2.2bar above 5000rpm (the working area for my bike-motored car).

I'll post details of the math channel when I have a moment; for now, here's a pic from testing...

I'm further now creating a second warning screen for overtemp on oil or coolant. This is tied in with the above math channel, and so the screen will be displayed if oil or water temp get above suitable thresholds. Furthermore, if the temp continues to increase, it gets a bit trickier...

Oil temp is displayed on one side, water on the other side of the screen. If either exceeds a second, higher threshold, the text message "HOT" is displayed to obscure the other value. Thus if oil goes overtemp, water temp will be obscured, and vice versa. If either is getting close to marginal, the temp screen will be displayed with full values.

I still have to test this newer screen out, and post pics of course.

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