Clock/time on D2P

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Clock/time on D2P

Postby BiKenG » Tue Aug 11, 2015 6:01 am

There have been several threads about implementing this by calculating from the GPS time, but the problem remains, how to adjust for GMT offset and of course Daylight Savings Time.

Race Tech are actually working on implementing a clock/time display, but the above problem still remains and in any case, I'd hate for them to release some half baked idea that doesn't really provide what we need.

First of all, I believe the idea is to include Time as one of the Car Computer functions, so it can be displayed on the bottom line of the display AND also in one of the LCD data areas. Great, this gives us choice, but regarding the former, I would like to be able to display Time instead of the odometer, so it is displayed alongside the trip which is far more important to display than the ODO. Who needs to constantly view the total number of miles for the vehicle. It's just something to check occasionally when required. Current trip distance however can be useful and that with Time would be a good default display. Replacing both those distances with just the Time is also not a good solution if that's all there is. So please RT, do NOT only make Time an alternative to Trip, next to ODO. Swap the ODO for Clock.

In any case case, allow us scroll through the different display options there using the buttons, just like many cars these days. Make Time and Trip one display option and also perhaps Time and ODO and just Time in case someone does want either of those displays. But please, make them options so we can choose.

Then there's the time offset. Just a single 'offset' parameter is all that's required, adjustable in whole numbers (from 0 -> ±12 I guess), but most importantly, adjustable from within Menu mode. It is VITAL that this can be adjusted WITHOUT requiring PC access. We just need another option to adjust the time offset and then I suggest be able to increase or decrease the value using the buttons. Simple and quick. But we HAVE to be able to do this directly in the menus. Sorry to labour the point but if we need to hook up to a PC just to do this that'll be unbelievably annoying and well, really, really stupid. So please, don't make this mistake.

Hopefully RT will be providing just what we need. I can't wait.
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