analysis - sort sectors by e.g. braking point

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analysis - sort sectors by e.g. braking point

Postby rodgling » Mon Jul 20, 2015 2:42 pm

It would be great if the analysis software had the ability to sort the sectors based on analysis of variables. E.g., select a sector, then from a menu select something like "sort by braking point" (there would need to be some cleverness in the software to identify the actual braking point). Then in the list of laps, sort the list accordingly.

Good things to sort by might include:

- braking point
- min or max speed
- minimum corner speed
- min / max / average speed in some user-defined section
- maximum lateral / long G


this would make it easy to look at the effects of e.g. braking later instead of having to manually go through lots of laps to figure out which laps contain an early or late braking point.

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