Bar Chart or Virtual Dasboard in Analysis to do a Bar Graph

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Bar Chart or Virtual Dasboard in Analysis to do a Bar Graph

Postby Halsbury Racing » Mon Dec 01, 2014 10:44 pm

The virtual dashboard only does Dial Gauges, and the Bar Chart only does Frequency-histograms. I have 20 channels of tyre temperatures (5 across each tyre) that I want to analyse.

This preferably should have an interactive mode, as I would like to be able to have the Virtual dashboard showing 5 channels as bar-graphs side-by-side, open a dashboard for each tyre, and hit PLAY on the playback controls, or select track position / time / distance and get an instant indication of tyre useage on the four corners of the car.

An alternative would be a square coloured by channel value - I could line 5 squares side-by-side for each tyre.

Perhaps there is a clever way to do something like this already, but I can't see how?
I know I can export a video with overlay and re-import it, but this takes at least an hour, so cannot happen track-side.
If the analysis software could relay the current time stamp and runfile location and name into the monitor software, I could have an excellent virtual dashboard open along-side or on a dual-screen.....


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Postby Support » Fri Dec 05, 2014 2:35 pm

we are planning on adding in some more tools specifically for tyre temperature monitoring. We'll be on this as soon as time allows.

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