New version 8 software available for test


New version 8 software available for test

Postby Support » Thu Jan 13, 2011 1:15 pm

Hi Everyone,

Version 8 of our new software is now at a stage where I think it's ready for people to start testing. We've been using it in the office for a while now and I think all major problems have been addressed. The main upgrades in the software include:

- new local and (optional) internet databasing or all runs
- display of continuous lap
- new improved loading/saving/regeneration of forms
- new locked display mode
- new startup wizard
- new mode to display statistics on the track map
- includes new live support
- major changes to quick graphs, now possible to handle unlimited variables at high speed, zoom in etc
- internet maps can be faded in the track map background
- many useability improvements
- more accurate simulation
- lap and sector tables have standard windows scroll bars

There is lots more, but i think that includes all the most commonly requested changes.

If you would like to test V8, then can you drop me an email, and i'll send you a link? My email address is . Note that this is a test version of the software, so while I would like any problems reported, please don't shout at me when you find a bug! Also note that at this stage it's not possible to run v7 and v8 along side each other as they share libraries - we are working on this, but it's not currently possible.

Kind regards,


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