Dash2Pro and SSC PIP Lotus ECU (on base Adaptonic E420c)

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Dash2Pro and SSC PIP Lotus ECU (on base Adaptonic E420c)

Postby vovaak » Wed Oct 02, 2013 4:48 pm


I have Lotus Elise 111R with SSC P-I-P Lotus ECU. It Prepared for Race only.
SSC recommended Motec, but it so costly.
My ECU have Serial-Out 2,5mm Jack for Dash/Logger.
It have CAN too, but transmit data only for lotus original dash.
All engine sensors and vehicle sensors connected to ECU.

Does DASH2PRO (with log options) work with SSC P-I-P ECU?

Can I buy main unit and options separately? (Because I have 1000euro Custom clear limit in my Country)




Postby Support » Thu Oct 03, 2013 12:52 pm


We have just completed the work to produce a plug and play system for the Lotus 111R.

The system will include
* Carbon fiber panel
* Original DASH connectors
* Buttons
* Panel mount USB connector
* GPS + logging license
* CAN license
* Output driver license
* extended analogue channel license
* Advanced options license
* Oil pressure sensor
* Installation instructions
* MIL light
* TC control light
* ABS light
* Immobilizer light
* GPS antenna
* Pre configured

It is currently not of the website but will be within a couple of weeks. It is available to order now. £949+VAT fitting service is £349+VAT

The unit takes the data from the CAN bus that goes to the original DASH but you only get Water temp, RPM, SPEED, Fuel Level, MIL and TC. Oil pressure sensor is supplied to replace the original oil pressure switch.

The system also comes with the cable to start and stop GoPro 1,2 and White addition only HERO3. This allows you to automatically sync the data with the fill HD video from the gopro.

http://www.race-technology.com/3rd_part ... 31032.html

We can do the payment in 2 parts or bank transfer

Kind regards,
Kieran [/img]

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