ANALOG8 - Sensor Expansion Module and Remote Accelerometer

The ANALOG8 allows the connection of additional analogue channels to a Race Technology data logger or display by connecting to the serial or CAN port of the system. ANALOG8 units can be daisy chained to add up to 32 analogue inputs.

The unit houses a 3 axis 2g accelerometer which can measure grip usage under braking and cornering. This accelerometer can be used in place of the data logger's accelerometer, allowing more precise placement within the vehicle, e.g. at the centre of gravity.

The main unit comprises of 3 d-type connectors (serial in, serial out and analogue inputs) and an inline case housing the unit's electronics. A sensor connection harness with fly leads allows sensor connections to be maintained if the ANALOG8 has to be disconnected from the vehicle.

Software is supplied to configure the output data for integrating into the data system. Inputs can be mapped to their required channels, and output data formats can be configured. Standard Race Technology serial format allows the sample rate of messages to be set up to 100Hz. CAN format allows: address, baud rate, ID length and sample rate to be configured.

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